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Deck and Fence Pressure Washing San Bernardino

If your fence or deck has green moss, algae, and unsightly mildew stains on them then allow us to remove this and any other type of organic and non-organic matter from the surface. We have a proven effective method of doing this and this is through our pressure washing service. Pressure washing is water that is applied at a high-pressure to effectively and thoroughly remove organic matter from your deck and fence. Your fence can add curb appeal to your home but it certainly won’t if it is full of moss and other organic matter. Do something about it today by allowing us to pressure wash it to completely get rid of any unsightly stains.

Pool Deck Pressure Washing San Bernardino

Since a pool deck is a perfect place for organic growth to occur, it is a location that we often pressure wash. No one wants to step on a pool deck that is moldy with a lot of nasty moss growing on it and we are sure that you are no different. If so then why not give us a call and us get rid of this for you with our pressure washing service. While it’s true that we use a lot of pressure, we don’t use so much pressure that we damage the paint or finish of your pool deck. Pressure washing is a safe and effective way to clean your pool deck.

pool deck pressure washing San Bernardino

Patio Furniture Pressure Washing Service San Bernardino

If you have lovely patio furniture that you would like to have cleaned but you are not sure how to remove the stains and spots, give us a call. We can successfully clean mesh, metal, wicker, plastic, composite wood, and wood furniture. Rather than throwing away your furniture, why not let us show you how effective pressure washing your furniture can be. Unfortunately, when certain furniture comes in contact with water and moisture, mold and mildew can begin to develop. However, with our pressure washing service, we can get it looking like new again. Pressure washing is a proven effective way to clean patio furniture.